Our Story

The thirty two acres that make up the Rhoden Hill community represent the last remaining acreage of the original 160 acres acquired by Lloyd Rhoden in the late 1940’s from John Phipps.  The land was originally part of the Phipps plantation.  After graduating from the University of Florida in the late 1930’s, Rhoden worked as the foreman of the 20,000 acre Diamond W cattle ranch in Davie, Florida until joining the US Army in 1940 and serving in World War II.  After the war ended, Rhoden was hired as the County Agricultural agent for Leon County in 1946.  He served in this role for over twenty five years before retiring to the homestead in 1972.

For over forty five years until his death in 1991, with his beloved wife Nelle, Lloyd Rhoden maintained a working cattle farm on the property.  In addition to cattle, the Rhoden family raised horses, hogs, chickens, turkeys, and Golden Retrievers.  The close proximity to Lake Jackson also led to the operation of a boat rental and fish camp on Rhoden Cove for a number of years. 

Lloyd raised three children through the years; all of whom have many great memories of horseback riding, hunting, and fishing on the property.  Lloyd and Nelle also had regular visits in their later years from their four grandchildren who enjoyed the many adventures and opportunities to spend time outdoors. 

Upon Lloyd’s death, his son Jim Rhoden inherited the property. A successful businessman, Jim held the property for over twenty years and upon realizing that none of his immediate family members were likely to make the property their home, Jim decided to develop the property into Rhoden Hill.  Given the family history and many fond memories associated with this land, extraordinary care has been taken in the development process to create a high quality community that will be a great legacy for many generations to come. 

We hope that you enjoy the natural beauty of this land as much as our family has over the past seventy years and invite you to make Rhoden Hill your home.